Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Blogger Interview:~ Raimy @ Readaraptor

Today's turn for a blogger interview is the rawesome Raimy for over at Readaraptor. I had the pleasure of meting Raimy a few weeks ago and she is sooooooo lovely!! Her blog is brilliant and you should really go check it out, especially if you like dinosaurs :)

What is your favourite book?
This is such a hard question, I honestly don't know the answer, I can tell you that my two favourites of the year so far are Emma <3's LA by Keris Stainton and Adorkable by Sarra Manning... and my favourite series of all time is Naughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman... I think Looking for JJ by Anne Cassidy is way up there in my favourite books too...

Malorie Blackman

Who is your favourite author?Another hard question.... Malorie Blackman is definitely one of them, Sarra Manning is another! I have hundreds of authors who I love but not my favourites. Then there's also Nick Hornby, Irvine Welsh and Celia Ahern who are Adult authors that I would call favourites

Why do you like reading?
Because it opens up new worlds, new possibilities and exciting adventures. It makes life exciting when I'm just sat around on my couch and most of all it gives me something to do when the other half is playing video games (that last ones a joke.. its true but its not the reason I love reading)

If you wrote a YA novel what would it be about?
In all honesty... I wouldn't. I'm nowhere near enough of a good writer to write a YA novel... however if I magically developed amazing writing abilities I would want to write something contemporary, probably involving LGBT and self image themes with sex and swearing...  because they are all things I think are important.

Image from The Other Side of
The Story

If a book was written about your life what would it be called?
It would be so boring the title would put you to sleep! haha I have no idea what it would be called or what it would feature, possibly if it was about my teen life it would be something like 'The Passion of a Mixed Up Mind' or something like that... but that's probably a rubbish title, haha

You may not believe it but...............
I didn't always love reading. I read peoples blogs saying they were obsessed with reading for years, ever since they could read independently but it wasn't like that for me. My sister was a huge reader and she opened up reading for me when I was in around year 7/8 but I still wasn't obsessed... I read a bit and enjoyed what I read but I didn't read all the time... I then went through a phase of not reading at all for pleasure while I was at uni because I had so many set texts forced upon me that reading was no longer fun. Its only when I finished uni in 2010 did I rekindle my love of books and my obsession really began again.

Thank you so much Raimy for taking the time to answer our questions! Please visit Readaraptor or find Raimy on twitter



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