Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Blogger Interview:~ The Library Mouse

Today we have The Library Mouse here at the blog to answer our questions. We met The Library Mouse via twitter and we love our morning chats about tea and books!

What is your favourite book?
Unfortunately I do not have a single favourite... I have loads of favourites! Having read so much and continuing to read bucket loads, I encounter greatly amazing stories that make their way into the heart and mind, and eventually my favourites. So I'd probably say I have around 20 odd favourites at the moment,and the list is most likely going to continue to grow. I also admit that I'm quite happy with this as I can never get enough of these fantastic tales.

Who is your favourite author?
Lots of favourites, lots of authors so..... :p

Why do you like reading?
Well the honestly truthful answer to that is a bit complex and will most likely sound insane but I'll do my best to explain myself without sounding psychotic.
The worlds, characters and stories created by these amazing people hold something ours does not: mind twisting mysteries, book gripping suspense, heart stopping fights and a lot of magic.
I like to think I lead a pretty nice life, and being a healthcare professional I occasionally get a pinch of heart wrenching drama; but being able to escape to such amazing places, live these exciting lives is just beautiful. They make me laugh, cry, blush and so much more.
Why would anyone not want to read and explore their imagination is beyond me :p

If you wrote a YA novel what would it be about?
I have actually thought about it, and I decided long ago that it would be about a magical world connected to ours on a different plane. The safety and peaceful coexistence of both worlds depends very much on the ability of few important individuals trained in the mystical plane to maintain balance and order.
But I can't tell you too much or I'd give away my idea/plot and you never know, someday I might actually sit down and write it and become amazingly famous :p Unlikely, but still a girl can dream can't she?

If a book was written about your life what would it be called?
Errmmmm not sure :s I've never thought of that because I never really thought my life would be considered worth writing lol. Give me a minute....
Ok if some poor soul really did decide to put my life onto paper then I think the title would have to read something along the lines of "The misunderstood daydreamer". As the title says I daydream, fantasise, create imaginary characters and stories on a rather regular basis; but I've given up explaining myself to others because they just don't plain get it. Only one poor creature gets me (needless to say we are very much the same that way, eternal daydreaming bookworms) and puts up with alot of my overactive imagination.

You may not believe it but...............
Well you may not believe it but I'm actually a very nearly (2 months) qualified healthcare professional. Despite all my daydreaming and very imaginary creative mind, at work I'm pretty rational, on the ball and slightly OCD about being organised. People don't quite seem to able to quite comprehend how some rational overly organised individual, can be so pathetically emotional and absorbed in her own little world when not looking after someone. And yet this is somehow how my mind functions.

Thank you so much to The Library Mouse for taking the time to answer our blogger questions. You can find The Library mouse on twitter and you can visit her blog here.


Pruedence13 said...

Thank you very much for doing this interview! It was really fun!! Look forward to reading the next ones :)

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