Friday, 29 June 2012

Blogger Interview:~ Erin @ Tales of the Inner Book Fanatic

Today we have Erin from Tales of the Inner Book Fanatic who we met via twitter. We think Erin's blog is beautiful and you should check it out, we don't think you will disagree.

What is your favourite book?
My favourite book would have to be Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.

Who is your favourite author?
That's a hard one. I have three favourite authors . . . Richelle Mead, Jeaniene Frost and Jeaniene Frost.

Why do you like reading?
I like reading because you can escape from your own reality. Who doesn't want to?

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If you wrote a YA novel what would it be about?I have so many ideas running through my head right now, but I would love to write a novel about ancient Japan with some fantasy elements blended into it since I'm obsessed with anything Japanese and not to mention that particular period.

If a book was written about your life what would it be called?
"This book is just too perfect to have a clever witty title". Honestly I have no idea what my life would be called if it were a book. There are too many words to describe my life.

You may not believe it but...............
I'm a lover of Asian culture and I listen to Kpop (Korean pop music) everyday! :)

Thank you so much Erin for taking the time to answer our questions! You can visit Erin over at her blog here and follow her on twitter. And we would love to read your YA novel about Japan, we have faith that you'll do it!!


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