Thursday, 28 June 2012

Blogger Interview:~ Mandy @ I Read Indie

Today we have Mandy from I Read Indie (formally know as twimom101 book blog). We met Mandy via twitter and love reading her twitter feed.

What is your favourite book?
hmm, right now it's a toss up between Tracey Garvis-Graves On the Island and Elizabeth Hunter's The Genius and the Muse. Both are adult if I had to choose a YA read it would be Collide by Shelly Crane...I love any and all her books.

Who is your favourite author?
Probably Shelly Crane. Her stuff is magic! And she is a great person too! I consider her one of my friends....even if it is via Internet.

Why do you like reading?
I don't know...I guess cause it takes me away from the everyday things going on in my life. Not that my life is horrible or anything...but I do have the stress that comes with being an adult and raising kids. So yeah, I am playing the 'It takes me away to far off lands and I don't have to be an adult for the time being' card!

If you wrote a YA novel what would it be about?
ooh yikes! so not going there. I am most definitely a reader and if I wrote a story it wouldn't be cool what so ever. yeah lets not go there, ok?

If a book was written about your life what would it be called?The lady who sat on her computer all day and read all night. Yeppers, I am one boring person.

You may not believe it but...............
so far some of my quotes have landed me on the back of 3 Indie Author's paperbacks. To me it's others probably not so much.

Thank you Mandy for answering our questions. Don't forget to visit Mandy at her blog here and you can follow her on twitter.


Mandy IReadIndie said...

yay!! thanks for having me on here ;)
and it's true the computer does make me sound 1000 times for dorkier!

Shelly Crane said...

Love it! It takes me away to far lands, too. :)

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