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Winter Warmers ~ Amy Plum chooses Under the Never Sky ~ Review & Author Interview

Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky, #1)
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Today is the last day of the Winter Warmers Event and we have a really exciting post for you from Amy Plum & Veronica Rossi. This is Amy's second year on the Winter Warmers Event and we are so thankful she had the time to join us. We are big Amy Plum fans here at midnight reads and we can't wait to get our hands on If I should Die! But back to todays post which we shall hand over to Amy and Veronica for.
My Winter Warmers choice for book by a debut author 2012 is Veronica Rossi’s UNDER THE NEVER SKY. I was sent the book by my editor as one of a crop of upcoming HarperTeen books, and it really blew me away.
Veronica’s world-building is excellent. So creative and thought-provoking! So when Midnight Reads asked me to do a short interview with Veronica, I jumped at the chance. Here are my questions and her answers!
Amy Plum: I love your world building. How did you come up with the concept of the SmartEye?
Veronica Rossi: I was doing a lot of thinking about my dependence on technology, and also about how are devices are getting closer and closer to us. We had phones with cords, then mobile phones, and now all we need are ear buds... What's next, I wondered? The answer I came up with was the Smarteye--which is almost an extension of the human body. It's essentially an appendage. A clear patch that can painlessly attach over your eye, and provide you with everything a mobile phone offers, and much more.
Amy Plum: Did you model Perry after someone you know? (And if so, can I have his phone number?)
Veronica Rossi: Ha ha. No, Perry came right out of my head. I wish he was real myself. I had him in mind before Aria, even. I think he and his brother, Vale, where the first two characters I "saw."
Amy Plum: Are you a pantser or a plotter?
Veronica Rossi: I'm a plotter who loves to rebel and become a pantser every once in a while. In layman's terms, I like to know what I'm trying to do, but I definitely allow myself to go off road when I feel like it. Especially with books two and three of the UNDER THE NEVER SKY trilogy, I had to know, generally, the structure of the overall story. Writing on deadlines made me more appreciative of planning and outlining.... and revision :)
The sequel to UNDER THE NEVER SKY is THROUGH THE EVER NIGHT and will be released in January 2013, so be sure you pre-order a copy! But if you can’t wait for that, download her prequel novella ROAR AND LIV!
We would like to say a very big thank you to both Amy & Veronica for joining in our event, we are truly grateful. You both made our closing post a fabulous one!! We urge you all to learn more about both authors by following the links below.
Amy Plum

DIE FOR ME (International Bestseller - Available Now) UNTIL I DIE (International Bestseller - Available Now) IF I SHOULD DIE (May 2013)

HarperCollins/Little, Brown UK/Atom
Veronica Rossi
Veronica Rossi



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