Friday, 28 December 2012

UKYABB Secret Santa

Hey all, I know I'm a little late posting this, even more so when I think my Secret Santa arrived mid December. I won't lie, I opened but in my defence I thought it was going to be wrapped but it was just in the box it came in. The box was massive and inside was a lovely red stocking.

I really like the stocking, I think I'm going to do some embroidery work on it ready for next Christmas :) So when I opened the stocking there was all little bits and bobs in there, I think my cousins daughter wants most of it! haha! There was a hand warmer, a strawberry ring, paper soap, a singing mug, a badge, a bookmark, lip balm, tissues, a cardboard birdhouse, breakfast book, a key-ring, flip flops for doing your nails with, a little cardboard photo frame and a sudoku cube.

Thank you to my Secret Santa and To Lynsey over at Narratively Speaking for hosting Secret Santa this year.


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