Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)

So by now the world and his wife has read The Hunger Games and it has been reviewed to the moon and back since the release of the film. So for these reasons I won't be doing a normal review for this book!

When I first started working at Waterstones four years ago it wasn't until about my second year there that I really got stuck into my reading again. My Assistant Manager at the time loved reading books from the teen/ya section and she spoke about The Hunger Games all the time but for some reason I failed to pick the book and read even though we had similar taste.

I think the problem was there was so much hype about a book I think you may have heard of, Breaking Dawn, do you know it? Well anyway, I didn't have a clue what it was at the time and I didn't know how big the Twilight books were but these two teenage girls spoke about how much they loved Edward I was sucked into the whole Twilight world and the world of paranormal romance. And I read anything from that genre I could get my hands on and it was not until the hype of The Hunger Games film that I picked up the books.

I was at the cinema and the trailer for The Hunger Games played and I thought it looked pretty awesome so the next day I bought the trilogy. But other books got in the way and I was very naughty and ended up watching the film before reading the book! I know, I know! For many readers this is a sin and I always say to the Harry Potter watchers how they should have read the books first. But after seeing The Hunger Games and then reading the book I was not disappointed!!

Of all the books I have read that have been turned into films The Hunger Games is the best adaptation I have ever seen!! And isn't that a statement an half!?! For me the film captured the essence of the book so well. Yes a few mini characters were left out here and there but that was fine by me because after reading about them in the book I had forgotten them a few seconds later. And a few other things may have been changed but not enough to take away from the book.

The only problem with seeing a film before reading the book is that the characters faces are already in your mind and you are robbed of your own imagination. But if I'm honest I preferred it that way with this book and I enjoyed the book just as much as the film and I am very much looking forward to starting Catching Fire tonight.


Under the Covers said...

I agree, the Hunger Games film was a great adaption, I don't think it was as grim as it was in the books, but it has got to hard to get that over in to a film. I still think Lord of the Rings is the best book-film adaption though! :) I hope you enjoy Catching Fire


Bungle said...

Lord of the Rings is amazing! I can't wait for The Hobbit!!!!

Michelle said...

Glad you enjoyed the movie and the book. I was very impressed with the movie and like you I avoided them because of all the hype and only read them last year, mainly because they were on offer in Asda :D

I also agree with Under the Covers, LOTR is amazing...I wish I hadn't lent my DVD's out now, I really want to watch them again.

Minx said...

I saw the film yesterday! Thought it was great and I have the book in the kitchen, i neeeeed to start it soon, after Lover Reborn possibly!

Great review.

Raimy-rawr said...

the adaptation was brilliant. I really need to get round to reading the second and third books!

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