Sunday, 20 March 2011

Author Interview with Amy Plum

Die For Me
Amy Plum
May 2011

I'm so excited to have Amy Plum author of DIE FOR ME at Midnight Reads to answer questions about her debut novel. I loved this story, if you haven't seen my review read it here.

1. The most important question............Vincent or Jules? Please could you explain why?

Oh, Bungle that is a trick question. I obviously love Vincent, but have a real soft spot for Jules...but maybe it’s because he’s the one who doesn’t have the girl, and I feel for him. I could see myself going for both of them in real life. Vincent is the one who would sweep me off my feet, but Jules is the one who would get under my skin and who I would find myself thinking about when I least expect it.

2. Which character are you most like and why?

I am like all of the characters. Kate is a lot like me in her interests, but she is stronger and wiser than I was at her age. I have gone through stages of being like Georgia – have definitely had my party-girl years. And I can come up with some pretty good lines like she does, but never on-the-spot: only on paper or hours after-the-fact. I dealt in art and antiquities like Papy and know a lot about paintings restoration like Mamie. So there’s a little of me in each of the humans.

3. Do your friends and family influence your characters?

Not really. Although I did give Kate the kind of family I wished I had had. My friends are fabulous, but I haven’t copied any of their personalities for the books. I gave a good friend a cameo, however, as a bad guy in Book 2, which he is thrilled about.

4. Art galleries and museums are referred to or used as settings throughout Die For Me. Which is your favourite gallery/museum and who is your favourite artist?

My favorite museums are the small ones set in people’s homes. The Frick in New York. The Isabelle Stewart Gardner in Boston. The Jacquemart-Andre in Paris. I love walking through them and imagining I lived inside that exquisite architecture with those amazing pictures hanging on my walls. It’s unlike any big-museum experience.
I have so many favorite artists, that it’s an impossible question to answer. But I do have a real place in my heart for Modigliani’s reclining nudes. And I love my pre-Renaissance painters like Simoni Martini, the Lorenzetti Brothers, Duccio, Giotto, et al!

5. What can we expect from book 2?

New characters. New Paris locations. Kate finds out more about what the revenants are. Some steamy make-out scenes. And the plot THICKENS...

6.You may not believe it but.......

I don’t have a t.v. connection. We’re a DVD-only family!

Thank you so much Amy for answering my questions, I cannot wait for book 2!! If you would like to learn more about DIE FOR ME or Amy click on the links below:


Cait said...

Great interview, I love Amy Plum and Die for Me is an incredible book! You asked really good questions =]

Bethany Neal said...

I predict Team Vincent and Team Jules shirts in the future. Which one should I wear...?

Bungle said...

Thanks Cait :)

I think you are right Bethany! I am torn!! I love Vincent but there is something about Jules that has my attention!

Mariya said... I'm freckin' excited to read this book. I gotta read it right away after Starcrossed XD

Bungle said...

I really liked it!! The art and galleries really gave the story something extra for me, even more so because my degree and MA are both art related and I work in an art gallery. It's the perfect book for me!

Lil Lol said...

Brilliant interview & Beccy your questions were perfectly worded. I need to read this book. I seriously wish I could escape for a few weeks into book world & do nothing else but read lol.

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