Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Review ~ No Strings Attached - Nicolette Day

Title: No Strings Attached

Author: Nicolette Day

Published: June 10th 2013

By: Entangled Brazen

Please note: This is an adult read

As you probably know, here on Midnight Reads we have traditionally focused on the YA genre but there were so many fab reads out there that were passing us by we decided to spread our wings a little and boy am I glad we did because it means I get to read beauties like this! We were lucky enough to get in on the No Strings Attached blog which celebrates the release of the first smexy warm and squidgy in all the right places adult read by Nicolette Day. For those that don’t know Ms Day is the minxy alter-ego of Tara Fuller whose YA release Inbetween I absolutely adored. I love her writing style so to get my hands on something a little different by her made my day and believe me, No Strings Attached does not disappoint!

No Strings Attached tells the story of Hayden Summers and Jace Jennings. Hayden is out for one last night with her assistant Lily before she travels abroad to take up a job as a photographer which may put her in danger. Before she leaves though there’s one thing she’s determined to do and that is to finally wash her old boyfriend right out of her hair. Cue Jace’s bar.  Jace is a childhood friend who clearly isn’t happy about her going away, and he hasn’t made a secret of it.  In fact he’s as displeased about that as he is about the men leering at her in the bar that he owns. You see, Jace is a man in lurve and as we quickly learn there’s nothing he won’t do to keep Hayden all to himself, even if it means putting their friendship on the line at times.

I loved this book!  I devoured every page and was genuinely disappointed when I came to the end. Unlike a lot of the adult reads that are hitting the shelves at the moment there are no dark secrets that leave these two bitter and twisted and gnarled inside, no-one has the urge to beat anyone and no-one is being chased by stalkers, bitter exes or the office CEO. Instead No Strings Attached revolves around friends who become lovers and in writing this novella Day has created two really likeable characters. The story briefly delves into their childhood, following the change in their relationship as things suddenly get serious and I really liked getting to see a little of their past as it adds context to the here and now making the read all the smoother for it.  Hayden and Jace are two realistic characters that have normal relationship hang-ups, who struggle with them from time to time but who both have actual real social skills! Imagine! That doesn’t mean that Day doesn’t deliver the sexy time. Far from it! The two protagonists have an amazing chemistry and their physical relationship is made more intense by the emotional ties that already exist between them. Oh, and um, body shots? Hello! There is a spark between these two right from the beginning, even when they’re too busy antagonising each other to see what’s going on under their own noses but that doesn’t mean that they’re afraid to show each other their weaknesses and that’s what makes their relationship so endearing.  The result is a sexy read that pulls at the heartstrings in equal measure.

I have to say if there were to be a sequel or two to this series, I wouldn’t complain. Something about Nate and Lilly perhaps? Or maybe a what happened next? I could happily read about Jace all the live long day! Both would be well received!

4/5 Love! If you’re looking for a quick read then this is the one for you. I have to warn you though, you will be left wanting more.


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