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Dreams ~ The Sarah Midnight Trilogy blog tour stops at Midnight Reads!

With only three days left until the release of Dreams , the first in The Sarah Midnight Trilogy, author Daniela Sacerdoti has popped by as part of her blog tour to give us a little information about the main characters that appear in the book.  When I wrote my review I already had a favourite but now in hindsight, I think I may be changing my mind...I may need to read it again!!
You can find a link to the review here. You can also get an exclusive look at the first chapter of Dreams here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
In the meantime, here's a bit of background on the main characters...

Name: Sarah     
Looks:  Long black hair, green eyes, petite.         
Personality:  Shy, quiet, a bit on the grumpy side. She likes being alone, mostly. Her greatest passion is music – she plays the cello beautifully. She has OCD and loves cooking.     
Power:  Blackwater, Dreams, Midnight Gaze.     
Star Sign/Birthday/Age : Libra, 23rd Oct, 17yrs old.           
Background:  Sarah is the Heir of the Midnights, a Scottish Secret Family. Her parents have been killed in mysterious circumstances. 
Most likely to say…“Leave me alone!”

Name: Sean
Looks:  Tall, blond, very light blue eyes. Scars on his arms, a dimple on his left cheek.      
Personality : Bossy! Withdrawn, can be possessive and a bit arrogant…but charming with it.        
Power:  Gamekeeper skills: rune-tracing, sending people to sleep, invisibility.   
Star Sign/Birthday/Age:  Scorpio, 10th Nov, 24 yrs old    
Background:  Sean has been brought up by his grandparents, in New Zealand. His parents died when he was very young.               
Most likely to say… “I’m in charge, here.”

Name: Mike      
Looks:  African-American,  black eyes and short black hair. Very tall.        
Personality:  Kind, loyal, steadfast, funny.           
Power:  Hacker, skilled shooter.               
Star Sign/Birthday/Age:  Cancer, 13th July, 24 yrs old.     
Background: Mike was born in Louisiana. He became a Gamekeeper after meeting Harry Midnight.
Most likely to say… “Shut up, Niall.”

Name: Niall       
Looks:  Short, red longish hair and blue eyes. Niall has a warm, beautiful voice.  
Personality:  He has an eye of the ladies, he loves drinking and partying, and he can play every instrument he gets his hands on.        
Power:  Power of Song, and…another one I can’t yet reveal!      
Star Sign/Birthday/Age:  Taurus, 7th May, 17 yrs old.      
Background: Niall comes from the small village of Skerry, in Donegal (Ireland). He’s the Heir of the Flynn family. He has two wee sisters, Cara and Bridin.      
Most likely to say… “Whisky, anyone?”

Name: Elodie   
Looks:  Blonde, with long straight hair, slight, deceptively delicate. Fine-featured and a lovely French accent.
Personality:  She used to be happy. Now she’s nearly always melancholic. She’s obsessed with honouring Harry’s legacy.               
Power:  Elodie sees the future in glass and water.  She’s a Dreamer, and she has another power too…but you’ve got to read Dreams until the end!        
Star Sign/Birthday/Age:  Virgo 16th  Sept, 20 yrs old.       
Background: Elodie is the only Heir of the Brun family.   
Most likely to say…Silence

Name: Leaf        
Looks: Black hair, black eyes, white skin, dressed in black. Creepy, but so handsome    
Personality:  Sweet…maybe a bit too sweet. He has a cruel streak. Quite unreadable…  
Power:  Leaf controls the Elementals, the Spirits of Air, Fire, Water and Earth. He can summon blue flames to burn.        
Star Sign/Birthday/Age: ?            
Background: ?  
Most likely to say… “Don’t you just love those little sharp beaks…”


Raimy-rawr said...

I read both Mike and Elodie as a bit older than they are so this post has really surprised me, but I love it too getting to know the characters better! Thanks for this! :D

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