Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Dreams - The Sarah Midnight Trilogy Blog Tour

So we are very excited to be hosting day 6 of the blog tour celebrating the release of Dreams - book one of the Sarah Midnight trilogy by Daniela Sacerdoti which comes out on the 17th May 2012.

For the uniniated, Dreams tells the story of Sarah Midnight, a member of one of many secret families who work within a network of demon hunters. When her parents are killed Sarah finds herself thrust into a world she is ill-prepared for and even as she finds her own world falling apart she is forced to take up the fight in order to stay alive. Help however comes from her long-lost cousin Henry who arrives unexpectedly to help protect her against the dangers that now seek to destroy her. But is Henry all he seems?? And will Sarah be able to survive long enough to learn the skills she needs to exist in this new dangerous world she finds herself in?

You'll find a more detailed review of the book click on the link here, but we at Midnight Reads have even more for you. To whet you appetites we have a preview chapter for you to get your teeth into! Daniela will be popping along on the 17th May to tell us more about the characters in the trilogy although I've already chosen my favourites (not that I'll be telling you just yet!) In the meantime, sit back, put your feet up and take a little wander into Sarah's secret world... Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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