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Review ~ Tempest ~ Holly Hook

Tempest (Destroyers #1)
3.5 stars

Title: Tempest
Author: Holly Hook
Series: Destroyers #1
Published: September 2010

Opening line: Janelle froze in front of the bay window as the breath caught in her throat.

Closing line: Gary shifted leg to leg and tossed one of the crackers down onto the plate. " you want to dance?"
Janelle nodded. "Sure."

Favourite quote: "Just because you have a lot of power doesn't mean you have to be a monster. You think I'm not as strong as my mother was? I chose to restrain myself. And you will, too."


Janelle Duvall has been in Palm Grove, Florida a week when a hurricane hits. Janelle is confused by her usual safety-conscious father who wants to just stay put in their home, but after her pleas and a little help from the police they finally make it to a safety shelter. While there Janelle is forced to leave the shelter as she rescues a child, and as she does Gary falls out of the hurricane. The first thing she notices is that he has a gray spiral birthmark which matches the one she has.

Janelle wants answers about the birthmark and just when she seems to be getting nowhere with her father Gary provides the answer for her, only she doesn't believe it. She discovers she is a Tempest who is on path to become a hurricane. Only Janelle can't handle the news and after discovering she is wanted for mass destruction and soon ends up trying to run away with Gary to escape her fate.

I love the idea that hurricanes are transformed people who not only destroy but also save, as we learn in the story. The characters are well developed and all have their own Tempest history which I loved reading about.

Although there are undertones of a possible relationship but I applause Hook for being brave enough to keep it out of this first installment, yes I'm sure it will come with book 2, but it was great to read about Janelle and see her transformation throughout the book without the need of love to get her through everything!
I'm not going to lie though, the character annoyed me a little as it felt like it took her forever to finally realise what she was destined to do.
I really liked Gary as a character too, I did wonder at times if he was a good guy or a bad guy but I think you will just have to read to find that one out for yourself ;)

I rather enjoyed Tempest. Is it full of suspense, mystery and adventure. It is an action-packed ride that will keep you reading until the end. Hook has created something highly original and refreshing in a time of vampires and werewolves.

I look forward to reading book 2.


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Cool review, I have never come across this book before!

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