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The House of Sherbet Review

The House of Sherbet
3 stars

Title: The House of Sherbet
Author: Simon Dale
Published: March 2011

Thirteen year old Jake spends Christmas with his parents at the Oakhouse, the once grand, now decrepit home to his grandfather. Jake quickly begins to realise that the Oakhouse and Granddad Sherbet are not all they seem. On Christmas Eve, Jake's parents disappear, only to reappear six inches tall and having been turned to wood. Granddad Sherbet, together with his octogenarian friends, prepares to steal Jake's youth and nascent magical powers.

Opening line: The Oakhouse reared up out of the wintry gloom.

Closing line: He turned away from the window to face Elly, wondering what tomorrow would bring.

Favourite quote: "...Some people look at the stars, I say look beneath your feet".

The House of Sherbet is a short read with less than 200 pages and although it's easy to tell something isn't right about Granddad Sherbet the story starts off a little slow. But the action in this supernatural story picks up and doesn't stop throughout the second half of the book.

Granddad Sherbet and his friends are blessed with supernatural powers and are on a quest to not only take over the country but to live forever and will stop at nothing to get what they want. Granddad Sherbet has been trying to perfect his magical abilities for years which has resulted in him creating 'beings' from the old Oak tree. Viemar is one of these beings and has taken on the responsibility of keeping Jake safe from his Granddad.

Jake is a great character, he is strong and soon becomes a leader. His mission his to save his parents from what his Grandfather has done to them and not become like his granddad. He really grows as a character throughout the story as he learns not only what his Granddad can do but what he is capable of himself.
I found some of the supporting characters really added to this story and I love Genevieve and Viemar. The only character I was a little unsure of was Stan, I found myself wondering if Jake and the other's really needed him.
I think the author has created some great characters, he has the right blend of 'goodies' and 'badies' and the bad guys really are the kind of characters you dislike and I can't wait for their downfall.

Overall I thought The House of Sherbet was a good little read and I look forward to seeing what Jake and the others get up to next, I really hope they can stop Granddad and his supernatural friends.

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Raimy-rawr said...

wow! This one sounds awesome! I must read!

Book Angel Emma said...

Sounds like a great modern fairytale :D

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