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Review: Saved

Saved (Book #1 of the Shadow Vampires)
undecided on rating

Title: Saved
Author: Allegra Skye
Published: June 2011

Opening line: Keira Blaine was born second.

Closing line: And she knew, she just knew, that Cooper would be there with her wherever she went, every step of the way.

Keira and Amanda are twin sisters who have moved to Everstock with their parents and have to start their senior year at a new school. But the twins are totally different, Amanda is the popular, beautiful one and Keira lives in her shadow.
At their new school Amanda is quick to make friends and soon becomes one of the it crowd while Keira is left an outsider.If the girls parents like Amanda better than Keira.

Things for the twins take a turn for the worst as there is a terrible car accident. While Amanda is confined to a hospital bed Keira's life is beginning to change. As she recovers from the accident Keira learns she is developing mysterious powers. And as she begins to home in on these new supernatural powers is drawn more and more to Cooper, the mysterious boy around school.

As the two spend more time together it is clear that fate has brought them together but fate might also be ready to take it all away from them.

Ok, there are things I love about this book then things I don't! I love Keira's character and find myself warming to her and feeling sorry for her. I also really like Keira's friends and find that they are nice secondary characters. I hate Keiras mum! I just don't understand how a mother can be so horrible to her daughter, and she stops Keira seeing Amanda in the hospital. Her mother is just mean!! Her dad also annoys me, he just seems to go from one extrema to another. Even though Amanda comes across as the spoilt rich kid I actually liked her and I love how different the twins are.

I really like how Keira's character develops throughout the book and I love how she starts standing up for herself. Her relationship with Cooper feels like it comes out of no where and sometimes I found it confusing, he hardly speaks to her to begin with and won't tell her anything (a little Twilightish) but towards the end of the story their relationship grows and I really warm to them as a couple.

I like the supernatural powers that Keria develops and I love the scene in the hospital with her and Amanda as she helps her twin find herself.

The book is the first in the Vampire Shadow series but the only mention of vampires is that an infection as taken hold of the town and the thing victims have in common is two small holes on their neck. And we get the odd mention of a strange creature in the book and then again at the end. The ending is a little rushed and part of me felt confused with what had just happened.

I think the idea of the book is great and if it had been longer, its only about 160 pages, it would have been perfect. Characters and relationships could have developed more, I just feel like so much has been left unsaid but I wonder where this story will go in the next book.


Raimy-rawr said...

ooo this one sounds interesting but I might leave it until the second is out if it feels a bit short and unfinished!

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