Monday, 18 April 2011

Wild Child Review

Wild Child
3 of 5 stars

Title: Wild Child
Author: Mike Wells
Published: March 2011
Format: ebook

Opening line:~ "Let's swim over to the cliffs," Briana said.

Closing line:~ And then he would walk.

Favourite quote:~ "Brie?" he said softly.
She stopped splashing. "Yeah?"
"I love you"

~Kyle & Briana~

A quick but gripping read!

What was meant to be a nice relaxing day out at the lake for Kyle and Briana soon turns into the stuff of nightmares. After Briana is left for dead after a terrible accident out she comes across a hidden cave with water so magical it heals her injuries. But the water takes a stronger hold on Briana, she needs to drink and bath in the magical pool often to keep her injuries from returning.
The pool soon becomes a thing of interest after Kyles crazy father tests the water and it proves to be, well, different from normal lake water. Kyle and Briana do their best to keep the pools location a secret but everyone is asking questions!!

I read this book within a hour and I must admit at first I though I wasn't going to like it but as the story progressed I warmed to the characters and found myself worrying what would happen to Briana.
For a short read the author gives you just enough of everything, character build up, back story, and wow, what an ending!!! I was shocked, sad and happy all at once with how this little story ended and found myself thinking of Kyle and Briana after I had finished reading.

I know that Mike Wells was asked to make this story longer at first and part of me can understand why. Once I had finished I thought of all the avenues he could have explored. That said, I'm glad he stuck to his guns and kept Wild Child a short read because in all honesty it all ready has everything it needs.
Wells has created a well balanced story that keeps you guessing.


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