Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Wondrous Strange Review

Wondrous Strange
Lesley Livingston
May 2009

Opening Line: 'Puck's tortured words rang in Kelley's ears as she lifted her head, struggling against the darkness that threatened to descend upon her.'

Closing Line: 'Magic time.'

Favourite Quote: "... I have a social life to maintain, you know. I have a date with an ambassador and you want me to cancel it so I can sit alone in this apartment, performing an equine comb-out."

Really, really, really, liked it!!!

For sometime now I have been searching for another YA/Teen faerie story that can compete on the same level as Melissa Marr and I think I have found it!!

I liked it so much I was reading while spending time with my boyfriend, who I only see once a week!!

Kelley is living her life as a struggling actress waiting for her chance to be more than just an understudy. Kelley is given her wish and as she practices her lines in her beloved Central Park she meets a very handsome stranger, Sonny Flannery.
Unbeknown to Kelley, Sonny is a changeling, a mortal taken as a child and raised among faerie.
After rescuing a horse from 'drowning' Kelley soon discovers the truth about Sonny and learns that Central Park is hiding a secret. The park is a gateway between the normal world and the faerie's Otherworld and Kelley is about to discover her true heritage.

The story is full of fae lore, which is brilliant for readers like myself who are all ready addicted to faerie stories, but it is explained enough for new comers to the genre and will have you hooked like the rest of us to the fae world. As I said, I really really really enjoyed this story.

Livingston has created a new and original story that, like Kelley's world, is Wondrous! The first half of the story was often comical and flowed smoothly but as we reach the second half of the book the story speeds up a little. This is never a bad thing and I love when a story gets down to the nitty gritty but I often felt things moved a little to quick in the second half of the story and lacked detail.
However, that said the plot was great and although I was able to figure a few things out before they happened I was totally shocked at others. Hand over my mouth shocked!

It is intriguing that Livingston shys away from the general Seelie/Unseeline, Winter and Summer Courts, well, they are there but we are also introduced to the Autumn and Spring Courts as well as the Midsummer monarchs. Again a new twist on an old tale which works so well.

Great characterisation makes a great book and Livingston has achieved that here. In Kelley we have a strong, courageous, determined protagonist who may be a damsel in distress once or twice but I think she gives as good as she gets! And Sonny!! Oh Sonny!! The kick ass faerie killer who steals Kelley's heart, he will steel yours too!

4.5/5 Starts. Why? Because I loved the story and I loved Kelley and Sonny! The only reason this story didn't get 5 stars was because as I said, I felt somethings were a little rushed in the second half of the story which resulted in the loss of detail.


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