Monday, 21 February 2011

Tantalize Review

Cynthia Leitich Smith
February 2007

Opening Line: Lousy idea, us sitting like that on the railroad tracks.

Closing Line: "Adios." I told Bradley. "Addio."

Favourite Quote: "Odds don't matter when a predator beats them."

I hate to do this but I think this review will be short but maybe not so sweet!!
I had been looking at this book for sometime and I ended up getting it after I asked a friend to pick a book for me and my boyfriend bought it me as a gift.

After Quincie Morris and her uncle decide to 'revamp' the family restaurant with a vampire theme trouble soon begins. A month before the opening the chef is killed, the suspect, a werewolf!
The new chef is under pressure to come up with a vampire themed menu as well as look like one, which seems to come a little too easy to him.

I liked several of the characters in this story, Kieren, Quincie's best friend/possible boyfriend/werewolf is my favourite by far!! The story between the two is so believable I just hope they can find a way to be together.
I like Brad's cockiness and the fact he is so sure of himself. He is so underhand when it comes to Quincie and in my eyes it was very clear what he was up to and how the story was going to pan out. This was my problem.
Too much was easy to figure out in this story, I think I was only surprised by one thing, which is a real let down. And another thing I found hard was the fact that there was no real back story to the fact that there are were-creatures and vampires running around town. We get a little insight to Kieren's family but it really is just small and then nothing about anyone or anything else. I found this frustrating.

3/5 Stars. Why? Because it was an OK read and I'm tempted to read the second just because I like Kieren and because of the way this book ended.


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