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Low Red Moon Review

low red moon
Ivy Devlin
September 2010

Opening Line: 'I was covered in blood when the police found me.'

Closing Line: '"I do now", he said, and then he kissed me again, his smiling mouth matching my own.'

Favourite Quote: "I've seen into the forest, way inside, back where people don't go. My mother loved to look at it, would sit outside and watch birds and look at the trees, look far back as she could. And she let me look too. There's something there. Something old and strong, and people won't ever - there will always be woods here. Woodlake isn't - it's different. There is something stronger than humans here."


I must say, this is one of the prettiest books I've ever had! I know we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but we all do it!! It has a metallic red cover with embossed lettering and as you open the book there is a beautiful red image spanning two pages. Each page number is red along with the book title and author's name. Each chapter has a red tree and moon and in the bottom corner of most pages is a little red tree scene. Just Beautiful!!

I think the title of this book speaks for itself, yes you guessed, moon = wolf!!
In Low Red Moon Devlin has created a perfect paranormal, murder mystery, romance and I totally loved it!!!!

Avery Hood's world is torn apart after she is found with her parents bodies in the forest she grew up in, but she can't remember what happened. All she can recall is the colour silver moving 'inhumanly' fast. The trauma of her parents murder has caused Avery to block out the details of that night, no matter what she does to remember she just can't. And she is forced to live with Renee, the grandmother she hardly knows away from the forest she knows and loves.

As she deals with the loss of her parents Avery meets the new boy in town who understands what she is going through. Ben, has moved into the forest to live with his uncle not far from where Avery use to live. The two are drawn to each other in a way that can't be explained, Avery knows there is something different about Ben after seeing a glint of silver in normally brown eyes. Ben is a wolf! But Avery isn't completely normal herself! She is tied to the forest, she even acquires a red streak in her hair and knows when the forest is hurting. I love how Devlin has included the forest as a character in this story and given it a voice through Avery Hood.

I love the relationship between Avery and Ben, their want and need for each other is so strong it pours off the pages and I hated it when they were apart! I also liked the fact that, although they could tell how the other felt, Avery still isn't fully sure what Ben is able to do in wolf form, it doesn't help that he can't remember what he does in wolf form which always seems to fall on the night of a murder.
I also really liked how the relationship grew between Avery and her grandmother, it gave me a real sense of now matter what has happened family is always family. It was clear Renee had her own secrets which became clear as the story went on.

I was totally hooked before I even got to the end of the first page of this book!! What a great opening!! I found myself dragged into the story and like Avery I desperately wanted to know what had happened and who was behind the killings! With only a hand full of characters in the book I had my suspicions, but boy was I wrong!! And I was totally shocked when I discovered who was behind the deaths!
With all the twists and secrets and shocks I can't wait for the next book, with the way this one ended there has to be another!

5/5 Stars. Why? Because Devlin has created a new paranormal romance with the right amount of mystery, suspense, and a love story like no other!! A must read and an author I'll be keeping both eyes on!!


spikeenick said...

love the review.
always enjoy the style you use for your reviews makes me want to read the ones your reviewing.
also carnt wait to see the vids :) should be good.
keep up all the hard work your doing awsome x

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