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Review ~ The Fallen Star ~ Jessica Sorensen

The Fallen Star (Fallen Star, #1)
4 of 5 stars

Title: The Fallen Star
Author: Jessica Sorensen
Published: April 9th 2011
By: createspace
For eighteen year-old Gemma, life has never been normal. Up until recently, she has been incapable of feeling emotion. And when she's around Alex, the gorgeous new guy at school, she can feel electricity that makes her skin buzz. Not to mention the monsters that haunt her nightmares have crossed over into real-life. But with Alex seeming to hate her and secrets popping up everywhere, Gemma's life is turning into a chaotic mess. Things that shouldn't be real suddenly seem to exist. And as her world falls apart, figuring out the secrets of her past becomes a matter of life and death.
First line: “In the midst of a dark, forest, haunted by the winters chill, I found myself running for my life.”
Last line: “I was gone.”
Favourite line: “I can see them,” I whispered, awestruck by how beautiful the stars were.”
The Fallen Star is the first book in Jessica Sorensen’s Fallen Star series, It is the story of Gemma who when we meet her is just starting to feel emotions, she has up until this point lived her life like a zombie. With these new feelings comes an adventure full of twists and turns!
The book started slowly and there were moments when I thought mmmmm I really don’t think this is for me. The first few chapters were quite strange and different, due to the fact that the main protagonist had never experienced emotions! I felt she was quite cold and distant and I wasn’t enjoying the book, however the more emotions Gemma started to experience the more I started to warm to her. We learn later on in the story why Gemma has no emotions and how she feels about these revelations, it’s at this point everything makes sense. The realisation dawns that Sorensen had to make Gemma cold and distant in order for her character and story to develop.
I started too really like Gemma, she faces some scary situations in this book and well obviously she’s scared! I liked that she was petrified by what she saw because I know I would also be petrified! She handles everything in a very human way, even though she doesn’t consider herself a normal human.
The first half of this supernatural story is spent asking questions, why does Gemma not have any emotions? Is she human? Why does she have violet eyes? These questions begin to be answered and more problems start to surface when she meets Alex. Alex is tall, dark, handsome and mysterious! He also appears to hate Gemma; however as we all know sometimes hate is misinterpreted. I loved the tension between Gemma and Alex, and the invisible electricity that runs between them that only they can feel. They share two kisses in this book, but they fall back into their arguments very quickly, also we do not know whether Gemma should really trust Alex. He has lied to her about her past and kept certain information secret; at the end of the book we are left questioning whether Alex is really a bad guy! 
Along with Alex we meet his sister Aislin and also their friend Laylen, I felt Sorensen was merely introducing us to these characters in this book, and I predict their stories will develop further in the following instalments. As with many other author’s Sorensen has the difficult task of introducing us to her new world, and The Fallen Star is primarily an introductory book. She leaves us on a cliff hanger, which was extremely clever because you instantly want to read the next book in the instalment.
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. I really liked The Fallen Star, if you are looking for an exciting series of books with twists and turns, this is for you! I have already started on The Underworld, the next book in the instalment!


Unknown said...

I loved the Fallen Star and Jessica you wrote a darn good book, my sister and I love it. We got kindled so we can get awesome books and we were just lucky to run by yours. Thank you Jessica for writing this fantastically good book.
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Unknown said...

This book had me on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading. Great ending and I ABSOLUTELY REQUIRE you to read this book.
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