Friday, 2 August 2013

Review ~ Covet ~ Melissa Darnell

Title: Covet

Author: Melissa Darnell

Published: 25th September 2012

By: Harlequin Teen

Source: netgalley

First line: The vampires council’s private jet, a giant cocoon of white leather and exotic wood trim hummed a false lullaby around us, luring me to sleep.

Last line: “What have I done?”

I have to confess.  I had this book to read on netgalley for a long time and for some strange reason I never got round to reading it.  Even stranger given that I enjoyed the first book so much.  So my review for this book is delayed to say the least.  Now that I have gotten round to it I remember why I enjoyed the first book so much and I’m kicking myself for leaving it so long.

Covet picks up exactly where Crave, #1 of the Clann series finished.  Savannah and Tristan were making their way home.  Savannah has agreed that she will stay away from Tristan, not something he takes to too well, even though it meets with the approval of the vamp council and the descendants. I think it’s widely that the middle book of any YA trilogy will involve some kind of separation but Darnell does write it really well and as much as you can see Savannah trying to do the right thing poor ol’ Tristan just doesn’t get it!  To add to her relationship woes the witchy half of Savannah is taking a back seat and the vampy side is taking over.  It’s not a change she makes easily and you do feel sorry for her as she struggles to accept her new life.

I did also enjoy the political plots and the power struggles that continued through this book.  It really is difficult to pinpoint the real villain in Covet as so many individuals have their own agenda. Their needs however weave themselves through the story creating a perfect plot and an ending which was just amazing!  Huge spoiler so not giving it away, but just to say that I can’t wait to get my hands on Consume, the last of the series which is out this month!

4/5 If you love your witches and your vampires and you’re partial to a doomed love affair then this is the one for you!


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