Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Me, Illness & Reviews

After being away from blogging for sometime I just wanted to offer a quick explanation as to why there have been no reviews up on the blog for the best part of two months.
I have often seen people say 'why bother having a review blog if you're not going to review anything for a while or just take part in memes!?' Well if I had to answer that question my answer simply would be you don't know what goes on in a person's life to stop them posting reviews on their blog so what gives you the right to question what they do with their blog? You don't get to judge! And those same people don't get to judge me or my blog!
Both my parents have illnesses and I have now become my father's driver after he was diagnosed with seizure epilepsy and told he was unable to drive for two years. And just as we were settling into a routine I became very sick!
Two months ago I had a severe reaction to some medication I was prescribed but this led to other things happening with my body and brain. I'm not prepared to go into detail, and would never judge somebody who used their blog to either reach out with their own problems or decided to go into detail about their own illnesses. As if my family doesn't have enough to deal with the last few months have been rather scary because of certain referrals I had and although I am not 100% fit I now seem to have nothing too serious going on.
I hope any author, PR person or publishing house who has sent me a book for review, if you ever read this post, understand why I am behind with my reading and reviewing. But I will get to all the books I have waiting. (I'd just like to point out here none of the mentioned have ever questioned why I haven't reviewed books they have sent).

I love reading and reviewing and as much as I know it helps authors and the sale of books I review for me, myself and I. I read and review because it is my hobby, my pleasure and my job. I review the books I read to keep track and to refer back to for work so I know what to recommend to my customers. I have a particular customer who will only buy what I recommend when he buys from my shop and most of those books end up being books I am sent for review. The power of bloggers and booksellers is rather important as far as I'm concerned. That said my family will always come first and if that means I don't get to visit my blog and review for a month or two than so be it.

My love goes to all those who have helped me while I've been ill! Sally has been very supportive with her emails, constantly making me laugh and my friends have been lovely, especially Nix and Rae, who visited me and bought me flowers and strawberries :) They both constantly text me and even diagnosed my symptoms simply as old age! My cousin, Loubie Lou has been fantastic and her 3 beautiful children, two of which I'm Godmother too, have made me cards and sent sweets, baby Thomas who was just 7 months when I first became ill sent me flowers and chocolates.

My boyfriend, when not seeing me, has text constantly and bought me the Pandora fairy-tale book charm which put a smile on my face. My aunty Collette phoned constantly, visited and cancelled plans when I was unable to drive in the event I needed another hospital trip. My brothers partner, Kelly took me to see my first specialist when I was unable to drive. Tom and Laura Clempson sent lots of messages and Tom and I got to have a good chat and he was able to understand just how I felt with being through a few similar things himself. And as if that wasn't enough they even sent me cake!! I t didn't last long :)

And thank you to all those who tweeted, commented and emailed with your well wishes, it really meant a lot!!

And the two most important people, My parents! My dad isn't able to do much these days but he has kept me laughing with old tales and loves when needed :) And my mum has been amazing! She would simply say she was just being a mum but she was up with me in the night, lay with me while I has body tremors and well did everything to be honest! She is more than a mum, she is a gift from God. No daughter could ask for a better mother.

And as I make my recovery I've been able to finally start reading again and have read two books, it may not seem a lot but when your close constantly it's rather hard to read! And I plan to get reviewing again asap.




Michelle @ Much Loved Books said...

I hope you feel better soon, the followers of your blog will understand the lack of activity so don't worry yourself, just make sure you get better before coming back to the stress of blogging.

SallySmurf said...


Bungle said...

Thanks Michelle :) I can't wait to get back!

Bungle said...

Massive hugs Sal :D

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