Saturday, 11 May 2013

Changes are afoot

As you all know Midnight Reads is a Young Adult, YA, blog but both Sally and I have made the decision to change that. From now on Midnight Reads will review ALL genres!

We have had a good chat about this and we feel because we read more than just YA it's the right move for us and our blog.

Young Adult or New Adult as it's now become is just a cross over really and although we understand the differences there's not always that much between YA/NA and adult books.

We feel very happy about this change and we hope you do to and can understand why we have decided to go in this direction. We also feel that this change will bring more action to the blog, and even more so now that Bungle is on the mend.

Sally will be making a feature of some of her reviews which will concentrate on the books that authors make reference to within their own stories. So for example Jack Kerouac's On the road is in Beautiful Creatures, Tale of Two cities is in The Infernal Devices, and so on. We will always let you know where a particular book has been mentioned with this feature.

We would love to know what you think of these changes and wonder if any other YA bloggers have thought about making similar changes. We are looking forward to this change and we look forward to sharing all our reads with you.


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