Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Review ~ Watch Over Me ~ Daniela Sacerdoti

Title: Watch Over Me

Author: Daniela Sacerdoti

Published: 15th November 2011

By: Black and White Publishing

First line: The strangest, most amazing day of my life, the day that changed my perception of life and death, started like any other.

Last line: Elizabeth heard my call, and I’ll hear our children’s call when it’s my turn, and if they turn to the unknown looking for help, I’ll listen when they say, ‘Watch over me’.

Fave Line: A secret love will eat itself and die, or eat your heart and kill you.

I’ve strayed from the YA path with this one, delving instead into an ethereal romance written for the adult by debut author Daniela Sacerdoti. Watch over me is the heart-rending story of childhood friends Eilidh and Jamie. Adult life until this point has not worked out well for either of them. Jamie has found himself in the role of single father after his partner walks out on both him and their daughter, followed not too long after by the death of his mother. For Eilidh, life has been equally cruel. She tragically miscarries the baby she has long hoped for and whilst struggling to cope with her loss comes to realise that her marriage is over as a result of her husband’s infidelity, something that she has, for some time, turned a blind eye to.

In an attempt to escape her old life Eilidh returns to her old family home in Scotland where Jamie still resides. Both carry the scars from their previous relationships and are have cocooned themselves away, unwilling to risk of getting hurt again even though the connection between them is apparent from the outset. Help is at hand however and Eilidh and Jamie continually find fate bringing them together through a strange series of events. The overlying theme is about loss, letting go and if you’re lucky, moving on and finding happiness again. The story is beautifully written, tapping into all those emotions that anyone who has suffered from a broken heart can identify with but always maintains an air of hope that keeps you turning through the pages.

I loved the main characters in this story. It was great to see Eilidh rediscover her old passion for life which had clearly eroded away over time and I thought the way that Jamie takes on his role as single parent was utterly enchanting. His devotion to his daughter and his desire to protect their family unit weaves itself through the story. There are many supporting characters which help to create an intricate tale especially Elizabeth whose narrative was beautifully written and Harry and Doug who provided the much needed humour. I also like the way that Sacerdoti sets a scene and having only visited Edinburgh I have now added the Highlands as somewhere I need to visit in the near future!

Rating: 4 out of 5. This book is like a big comfort blanket! I found it to be completely charming and would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a bit of squidgyness!


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