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Review ~ Lonely Werewolf Girl ~ Martin Millar

Lonely Werewolf Girl (Kalix MacRinnalch, #1)
4.5 stars

Title: Lonely Werewolf Girl
Author: Martin Millar
Published: first published 2007
By: Piatkus
Series: Kalix MacRinnlch

NOTE: This is NOT a teen book it is YA. For me teen starts from 13 and YA starts around 16/17+. I know we have only done this once or twice with our reviews but sometimes it needs to be pointed out and this is one of those books that needs it :) It is not for younger readers.

As you know I'm reading for the WCBP so I thought I would add some reviews from past reads. Also thought this would be nice as it will introduce older books.

I really really liked this book!!!! Totally different to anything I have read!!

This is a Royal werewolf family with more problems then the Royal family of the UK!! Cross-dressers, self harmers, drug takers, drinkers, fighters and killers, it's a roller-coaster of a book and I loved every page!!

Werewolf Kalix MacRinnalch is on the run from hunters and her own family after attacking her father the Thane leaving him on deaths door. She is in the deepest kind of depression after her lover was banished from seeing her, she spends her days fighting off hunters and sipping laudanum wishing her life away. Then she is 'rescued' by Moonglow and Daniel and forms a kind of friendship she has never known before.

Kalix's family have always hated her and with a price on her heart everyone is looking for her. Her brothers need her dead to win votes for the Thaneship and her sister, the werewolf enchantress, doesn't care less if Kalix lives or dies. The enchantress is more concerned with her fashion designs and seeking out a new lover.

There are so many stories involved with this book that all come together to create an unputdownable story! I don't want to give to much away and there is so much going on with these werewolves, you won't be disappointed!! I just can't wait to get my hands on the next one!!*

*I now have the next book but the blog came about the same time so I haven't got to it yet. However after reading Lonely Werewolf Girl over a year ago it's still fresh in my mind and I'm still very much looking forward to book two.


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