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Review ~ Blurred ~ Tara Fuller

Title: Blurred

Author: Tara Fuller

Published: 2nd July 2013

By: Entangled.

First line: The flames closed in, each lick of heat a tick of the clock.

Last line:  I felt complete.

Fave line: “Like, I’m in a room full of people and I’m screaming my lungs out but none of them can hear me.   But Emma…she always hears me.”

Inbetween was one of my surprise fave reads of last year and I totally fell in love with Finn’s story.  As much as I loved Finn I also ended up having a huge soft spot for Chase.  Chase was the bad boy with the good heart who at the end of it all lost the one he loved to a dead guy. And then he lost his own life, or at least he should have done and it should have been Anaya who was supposed to do the wicked deed. But Anaya isn’t as strong as first appearances suggest. In the end she saves Chase, returning him in body and spirit to the mortal world.  So, happy endings all round? A no,no,no! Anaya may have saved him but her motives weren’t thoroughly altruistic in the end and she’s not the only one after him.  Because Cash is still dying. What matters now is who gets to claim him and will he get what he wants in the end?

This is a sequel but it stands out as its own read, equally as strong as its predecessor.  Chase and Anaya are fantastic together  no matter how hard they try to stay apart and when you add to that the fact that Chase knows that his days are limited and the physical torment his body is put through what you end up here is one massive books of feels!

It’s great to see Finn and Emma during the course of this story and to see how their relationship develops after the events of book one.  The nice thing though is their story doesn’t impinge in Chase’s story, we if you take Chase’s hatred for Finn out of the equation.  There is also a cooling between Chase and Emma and this does contribute to many of the feels in this story. Does it all work out for them in the end? I’m not telling you! What I will tell you is that Chase will break your heart bit by bit as he takes you on his journey. 
Now, I’m thinking that maybe we need something on Easton? Hmm? Are you listening Ms Fuller?

Quick addition to this review - Tara has since revealed on her Facebook page that there will be a third book and it will be about Easton! Huzzah!! Descent will be out in the summer of 2014.  Too long I know, but it's on it's way! Happy happy girl!

Many thanks to Entangled for forwarding a copy for review.  

Rating: 4/5  I loved reading Chase’s story! More please!


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