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Review ~ Beautiful Redemption ~ Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Title: Beautiful Redemption

Authors:  Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia

Published:  October 23rd 2012

By: Harlequin Teen

First line: Other people had flying dreams.

Last line:  Sorry, could be a spoiler

Fave line:  Not actually possible to select one line...

So this is it. My most anticipated book of 2012 finally landed on my doorstep and whilst it was the most anticipated it was also the most dreaded because I knew that once I’d read it, that was it, the series would be at an end.   The Beautiful Creature series has been one of the most enjoyable series that I've read full stop.  The writing is so detailed and rich you feel as though you know every character, every building and every pie the authors write about.  When the last instalment, Beautiful Chaos, ended there was such a cliff hanger I actually yelled at the book. Needless to say my yelling did not provide the answers I needed, primarily because a book is, apparently, an inanimate object.  The new and final instalment however provides all the answers I needed and more.

In Beautiful Redemption we are given a multi POV.  The first section of the book is written from Ethan’s perspective.  We then switch to Lena’s viewpoint before we come back to Ethan one last time.   We begin with Ethan realising the consequences of his actions at the end of Beautiful Chaos.  You might recall that Ethan is forced to sacrifice himself in order to save the lives of those he loves and he certainly does so in spectacular fashion! Now however, Ethan is trapped in the other world, a place between life and the finality of death and all he wants to do is get back to those he loves. In this world he has left behind a world of grief most notably for Lena, Link and of course Amma.  The book follows his attempt to get back to this world and the challenges he needs to undertake in order to do so.   Luckily he has the support of those that grieve for him and as they rally round in this world so Ethan looks for help and support on ‘the other side’.

There are some amazing plot twists in this story.  People aren't always what or who you expect them to be and help often comes in the strangest forms.  There are some fantastic new characters in this tale, Xavier and Charlie  being my favourites. Several other characters reappear and all the favourites are there including Link who I absolutely adore.  Link really comes in to his own in this finale which I absolutely loved.  His loyalty to Ethan has never been questionable and he really proves that again in the last part of the saga.  There are other twists that will bring a tear to the eye (unless your heart is made of stone!) and I found the beginning of the story which takes place soon after Ethan’s demise heartbreaking in places.  For all that there are plenty of warm fuzzy moments and of course Link still has the smart mouth!

The final conclusion to the saga is wrapped up nicely.  There are no loose ends, no questions unanswered that leave you frustrated and it’s not all sugar candy sweet in terms of the plot but it works.  We even find out exactly what Amma caught Link doing in the basement when he was nine!  All these small details are what makes this a satisfying final read but at the same time it’s the brilliance of the writing that reinforces how much Ethan and Lena’s story will be missed now that it’s over.   I may have to start recreating the pies myself just to fill the gap!

5/5 I can’t believe the time has actually come to say goodbye to Ethan and Lena! I have absolutely adored this series and can’t wait for the film.


Craig Allen said...

I thoroughly disagree. I thought there were LOADS of unanswered questions.

Por ejemplo -
What happened to Marian and Liv? As the un holy Far Keep Keepers were in a disaray were they able to do their job? Didn't Marian interfere AGAIN when she was at the book transfer and standing INSIDE The circle as opposed to out?

How could the far cry people tie and feather Seraphine in any life - but Makian could just walk around like he owned the place and there were no repercussions?

To begin with.

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