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Review ~ Jessie Hearts NYC ~Keris Stainton

Jessie Hearts NYC

Title: Jessie Hearts NYC
Author: Keris Stainton
Published by: Orchard Books
Date: July 2012

goodreads says:

Jessie's just arrived in New York, hoping to forget about her awful ex.

New Yorker Finn is in love with his best friend's girlfriend.

They might be perfect together, but in a city of eight million people, will they ever find each other?

Opening line: "I can't believe we're going to New York,"

Closing line: "I feel lucky", Finn said and smiled back.

I bought all three of Stainton's books as I had heard many of my fellow bloggers talk about her and then when I found out Keris would be in Manchester for a signing of her new book I had to get there to meet her and I did :) It was a brilliant night with authors, bloggers and creative people. Now on to the book.

Jessie Hearts NYC is the perfect summer read and I only wish I had been sat by the pool sunbathing when I read it. The story is light hearted but touches on some interesting issues, and it's the kind of book you can pick up and put down as you please.

The story is told from a dual narrative with both Jessie and Finn putting across their points of view. I liked Jessie but I didn't really connect with her that well as a character. I did find myself feeling a little sorry for her at times though. I really liked Flinn and not just because he was the main guy in this story but because there was something so engaging about his character and I feel we've all been in his situation at one time or another.

We are reading two different stories with Jessie and Finn which is one of the things I really like about the book but I could understand other reads may not like this. It has the feeling of several films I am sure you've heard of such as 'Sleepless in Seattle' 'Sliding Doors' and maybe even 'Sernidipity'. If you're a fan of these films then I suggest you read this book.

I must say I love the gold shiny cover of the book, how could you not!? It sure stands out on the book shelf. Another thing I like about the actual book is the font! I only tend to comment on font if I really like it or really hate it and with Jessie Hearts NYC I loved it! I hate when a font is so tiny it strains my eyes and gives me a migraine but the font in this book is fantastic! I wish every other font would take note!

Jessie Hearts NYC is the perfect holiday read with lovable characters, a brilliant setting and a story full of chance and coincidence, just like your holiday might be ;)


Raimy-rawr said...

I can't shout from the rooftops loud enough about how much I adore all of Keris' books! I'm so glad you loved this one :)

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