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Winter Warmers Event ~ Shelley Workinger picks Worst. Vampire. Ever. By Caissie St. Onge

Jane Jones: Worst. Vampire. Ever.
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Today's post comes from author Shelley Workinger who has a review of Caissie St. Onge's Worst. Vampire. Ever.

I live for humor. I need it in my friends, movies, books, and my own work, even though my “Solid” series isn't a comedy. In fact, my most treasured reader accolades are those that say what a great, sarcastic heroine Clio is. And I couldn't let her be the only one Jack is adorably witty; Miranda's comebacks aren't usually cute, but they are clever; Garrett can always be counted on for some comic relief; even Bliss gets a chance or two per book to say something that gets a laugh.

So I got a good feeling about Worst. Vampire. Ever. when I saw the title then Caissie St. Onges bio really sold me. She told me she's a funny girl (her credits include writing for David Letterman and Rosie O'Donnell's shows) then showed me (she's also worked for “a bunch of shows you probably haven't heard of, but that's okay”) and I was at the counter faster than you can say “Ha, ha, ha.” ;)

The book opens with Miss Worst Vampire Ever herself Jane Jones surviving, “an excruciating social event, a toxic blood reaction, and near death by parental mortification.” It can only go up from there for Jane, right? Wrong actually. ;)

Caissie St. Onge
Caissie St. Onge

It only makes sense, after all, that since Jane's “nothing like [the vampires] you read about in books” - not beautiful, not rich, not “sparkling” in any sense of the word, and even blood - intolerant - that shes looking for a cure for vampirism. And along the blood-low brick road this quest takes her on, she has to deal with characters like Astrid, the mean vamp-girl who peer-pressures Jane into chugging from a drunk-and-glamoured classmate; Timothy, the hot guy with the indistinguishable lets-be-friends or Im-laughing-at-you-and-not-with-you smile; Ms. Smithburg, the teacher Jane used to love but who's now acting the wrong kind of cool toward her; and Eli, the newly-assigned history partner who just sent Jane her first (and unwanted) Facebook friend request.

Will Jane find the cure? Will it work? Will she accept that Friend request? Will you laugh? Can't say. Don't know. Maybe. Absolutely.

We would like to thank Shelley for her review of Worst. Vampire. Ever. and getting involved in our Winter Warmers Event.


Shelley Workinger
Shelley Workinger




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