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Stealing Phoenix~Blog Tour~Extract

Monday marks the start of the Stealing Phoenix UK Blog Tour and to start things off we have been sent an extract from the book.

We hope you enjoy it and be sure to get your hands on the book, it's brilliant, we loved it and you can read our review here.

Joss Stirling is a strong voice within the YA genre and we can't wait to read more!

Please take the time to visit all the blogs taking part in the tour for interviews, giveaways and more!


Sit down, Phee.’
‘No, I have to go. You’ve got to let me go!’ I scrambled
round him to the door.
‘Xav!’ shouted Yves.
‘I’m there.’ His bloody brother was in the hallway blocking
the door.
Yves guarded the way through to the kitchen. ‘You’re not
going anywhere. I thought you understood that.’
I hung between them like a person stuck halfway down a
zip wire, dangling with no way of getting the motion to go on.
‘No, no, it’s you who doesn’t understand. He’ll hurt me.’
Yves held out a hand to me. ‘Phee, I won’t let anyone hurt
I stood poised for fl ight by the coffee table, my reflection in
the wall mirror telling me l looked like a demented pixie, hair
sticking out every which way. No wonder they weren’t taking
me seriously. ‘You don’t know the Seer. It’s not that simple. If
I hadn’t stolen the water from you today I’d be pretty much
dead—he’d made it so I couldn’t eat or drink until I did the
job. He . . . he does stuff to your mind, makes you obey. If he
catches me, he could tell me to murder you . . . or . . . or jump
off a bridge . . . and I’d do it, too.’
Yves fl inched, not so confident now that he had the answer
to everything. He looked to his brother, seeking reassurance.
‘I’ve told Vick to get back as soon as possible,’ Xav confirmed.
They were using telepathy, keeping me out of the loop.
‘Just stop it—how do you think I feel knowing you’re talking
behind my back!’ I grabbed a stack of magazines and chucked
them at Yves, fl ipping them like Frisbees.
‘Calm down. You’re free of him, Phee, this Seer person.
You’re staying with me.’ Batting away the missiles, Yves used a
soothing tone that right now only wound me up. This was not
the moment for being cool and reasonable!
‘Shove that: what about Tony?’ I threw a cushion at him.
Yves caught it. ‘Tony?’
‘My friend! You can’t keep him safe too, can you? If I’m not
back by nine then he’ll get so hurt and I promised—I promised
him I’d keep my side of the deal. Oh God, oh God.’ Strength
giving out, I folded in on myself and hunched in the doorway.
‘Xav?’ Yves rushed to me.
‘I’m on it.’ Xav placed a warm hand on my back and flooded
me with his sedative touch. ‘She’s exhausted and run down,
Yves. We’ve got to be very careful with her; she won’t be able
to take much more. She’s so strung out, more pressure could
make her snap.’
‘I’ve got to go back,’ I whispered.

We know it's a little mean to leave things there but we can't let you know everything just yet ;)

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