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Review ~ Stealing Phoenix ~ Joss Stirling

Stealing Phoenix
5 stars

Title: Stealing Phoenix
Author: Joss Stirling
Published: September 2011

Opening line: The boy seemed the perfect target.

Closing line: Ever.

Favourite quote: 'Humility-that's what I need-someone who will challenge me about what it means to be intelligent. Someone who will test my controle. I thought I wanted to go through life all calm and even-tempered; now I realize I need that fire or I'll never feel the sparks...'

I loved Finding Sky and was hoping to learn about all the brothers and with Stealing Phoenix we get to know more about Yves and his Soulfinder. I just can't wait to read all about the other brothers!

Phoenix has been born into a community of Savants and knows nothing but a life of thievery that could cost her her own life if she comes back home empty handed. Controled by the Seer, Phee has no way out, he can make her think and do what he wants and makes life more than difficult. Phee has the ability to freeze time to allow her to pick pockets, a modern day Artful Dodger and she is getting by just fine but Phee's life is turned upside down when the Seer gives her a mark to steal from. This is a new thing for Phee and to make matters worse the person she is stealing from is not only a member of the Benedict family but he is her Soulfinder.

Yves Benedict is the second youngest of the Benedict brothers and on his trip to London he is robbed by Phee. But his Savant abilities go into overdrive and he blows up his belongs before Phee gets a chance to hand them over to the Seer burning her in the process. And when Phee has the balls to turn up the next day for another chance to steal his things he is amazed to discover she is his Soulfinder.
He is good-looking, smart, wise, and wants nothing more than to protect his souldfinder. She is strong, street-wise, and has a spirit of fire. As the fates bring the two together they are faced with heartbreaking decisions and that could cost the lives of the ones they love.

Stirling has again written a strong story that sends her readers on a roller coaster of emotions as we follow the relationship of Yves and Phee. They are both strong characters and know what they want which makes their relationship an exciting one to follow and Stirling doesn't make it easy for them. I love how Stirling's characters have more to them than the whole, I've seen him, I love him, I have to have him, yes there are elements of this but there is a fight to be had to get what you want on more than just a physical level. There is more substance to her characters especially her female characters who are strong willed and believable.

Yves and Phee's story is a truly heartfelt one than will keep you wondering if the two will actually be together or if they will be torn apart by the choices that are made for them.

I love Stirling's writing and I can't wait to see who's next in line to meet their soulfinder. This series is set to be another fantastic one and I urge you to read the first two books, you will not be disappointed!


Liz. R said...

This looks awesome! I haven't read Finding Sky yet, but I'm loving the sound of this series so far! Really glad you enjoyed this one - I like that there's real substance to the characters! Great review :).

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading this! Have just ordered both books, plus another couple. OOPS!!

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