Monday, 15 August 2011

Artist Feature ~ Lisa Denyer

Midnight Bay
 We are so excited to have Lisa Denyer's work at Midnight Reads. Lisa is an amazing artist and we are so excited to be featuring her work. Today's images come from Lisa's Giclee Print collection, they are truly beautiful.

Under the Stars

Artist's Statement:~

I am interested in capturing a precious, jewel-like quality within my paintings whilst also retaining a free, abstract feel.
I have always been fascinated by natural shapes and silhouettes.
Although I don’t believe that nature can be replicated in its intricacy and intensity, I want to capture its sublime aspect in a contemporary way. I do this by depicting images such as mountains and forests, inherently Romantic images, as simplified motifs.

Green Forest

Lisa says of the featured images:

I was very much inspired by Romanticism and the sublime when I made these pieces. I used images of deep, dark forests to create a fairytale element, in order to evoke the vibrancy, possibilities and intrigue which are synonymous with the natural settings in fantasy stories. I hoped to mesh fairytale ideals with themes of an environmentally Utopian future. The images are void of human activity, allowing room for the viewer to create their own narrative.

You can learn more about Lisa next week when we feature an interview with this amazing artist. Lisa will also be doing a giveaway, I only wish I could enter myself!! In the mean time you can find Lisa on her:~


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