Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Tunes for Tuesday #2

Tunes for Tuesday is a feature here at Midnight Reads where each week a playlist from a book we have read or want to read will be featured.

This week we are playing songs from Josephine Angelini's STARCROSSED which we love here at Midnight Reads!!


Tear You Apart ~ She Wants Revenge

Pretty much sums up Lucas and Helen's first meeting in the hallway at school!

Heartbeats ~ Jose Gonzales

This song inspired the scene between Helen and Lucas after they fall out of the sky. Especially the line "two hearts in one body".

After Helen and Lucas blow up the air mattress, when he goes up to the roof to sleep alone she can hear him moving around up there...yowza. 

Starlight ~ Muse

Helen's first flying lesson with Lucas. So joyous!

Mistaken For Strangers ~ The National

This song feels to me like how Helen feels walking through the dry lands and the "graveyard of love". It's like she's lost and totally alone, even a little manic.

Hey ~ The Pixies

I had this song on when I wrote the bit about Lucas calling to Helen down the hallway at school when she has been avoiding him. I had Lucas shout "Hey!" just like the first word of the song.

She's My Baby ~ Mazzy Star

I wrote the scene of Lucas walking around in the storm for Helen, while I was listening to this. The heavy beat is a little like the sound of his feet thumpig the ground in "super-massive state".

Cycling Trivialities ~ Jose Gonzales

I listened to this song on repeat when I wrote the action sequence at the end between Hector and Creon, and then the following scene between Hector and Lucas on the steps of the library.

All I Need ~ Radiohead

The very last page of the book! This is what I listened to when I was picturing Lucas sitting on Helen's window's walk, watching the sun come up.

Midnight Reads would like to to thank Josephine Angelini for sharing her playlist with us along with the reasons behind her song choices and how they influenced STARCROSSED!


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