Friday, 19 September 2014

Review ~ Spirit ~ Daniela Sacerdoti

Title: Spirit

Author: Daniela Sacerdoti

Published: 16th September 2014

By: Black & White Publishing

First line: A dream on the water

Last line:  And all the world was calm.

Yet another series comes to an end and I seem to be perpetually seem to be saying goodbye! The Sarah Midnight trilogy comes to a conclusion with the release of Spirit.

The pace that was created in Tide is certainly kept up in this last read and it was nice to be able to get back and catch up on some of the characters I've really enjoyed reading about.  There are a pile of questions and ends to be tied up as Spirit begins.  First things first though there’s a journey to be made and a battle to be had and Spirit doesn't disappoint. There’s also the addition of several new characters with their introduction being woven into the first few chapters which is great as it allows us some time to get to know them before they are fully integrated into the plot.

It was great to see the development of the main characters as the trilogy draws to a conclusion and some of them, Nicholas, in particular will keep you guessing for a good while!  The relationship (or lack of relationship) between Sean and Sarah is bitter sweet as Sean tries to ‘do the right thing’ by keeping them apart. The development of the other characters, Niall and Elodie in particular for me is quite satisfying as it’s always heartening to see individuals’ lives progress and hopefully improve somewhere along the way.  With Spirit I felt satisfied by the time I reached the end.  Plotlines are tied up neatly and any nagging questions you may have are dealt with.  

There’s plenty of action too!  Sacerdoti has never shied away from a battle and it’s still the case with Spirit.  There is a whole new realm of demons to contend with in this book and the group of friends to travel together to face The King of Shadows certainly having their work cut out since they since to find themselves under attack from all angles.  With the range of abilities them have between them they certainly take it to the demons and the book culminates with the mother of all battles! All the best elements of YA are in here.  Betrayal, loss, forbidden love, sacrifice, humour, mistrust and heartache all make an appearance and it makes for one hell of a journey for the reader.

Rating: 3.5/5  - A fitting conclusion to the series and a really good read.


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