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Review ~ The Temptation of Ethan and Lila ~ Jessica Sorenson

Title: The Temptation of Ethan and Lila

Author: Jessica Sorenson

Published: May 6th 2014

By: Forever

First line: Beauty.

Last line: Spoiler...Sorry!!

Where to start... This book contains feels of magnificent proportions! Jessica Sorenson has the ability to pull me into a story with the first few pages, and this book is no exception. 

Not surprisingly this story tells us the tale of Ethan and Lila (the biggest clue being right there in the title). To say they come from different backgrounds is an understatement.  Lila's childhood, to those that are looking in, might be considered to be a privileged one. Her family are wealthy, she is an attractive girl and it seems as though the world could be hers on a plate if she wanted it.  If she wanted it the way her family wanted it to be for her that is. Behind closed doors is a different story where Lila is continuously made to feel like a failure that does not meet the standards required by her parents.  Strange considering extra-marital affairs and perpetual misuse of medication are what holds her parents' marriage together. Ethan on the other hand is a drop out who having escaped his own abusive family has experienced further loss after the end of a traumatic relationship where again drugs are the root cause of everything falling apart. It is the break-up of the latter that leads him to the conclusion that relationships just aren't worth the grief.

The coming together of Ethan and Lila has the potential for all manner of toxicity between two people given their experience with the use of drugs and their screwed up backgrounds. What emerges however is an amazing friendship that we as the reader get to experience in an beautifully traumatic way. There are times when you want to either hug/shake/slap/laugh with/cry with (delete as appropriate) these characters but underneath it all you're rooting for them all the way. Ethan stole my heart completely!

The peripheral characters in this book make the story all the richer.  I detested Lila's parents with a passion, as well as those individuals who prey on Lila's weakness for their own gain.  There are  however other characters who I adored equally, namely Ella and Micha, who we get to read more about soon.  I should mention that this book is part of a series but can be read as a stand-alone.

There are a lot of dark aspects to this book.  Drug addiction and abuse are the root causes of the issues that Ethan and Lila have so at times this is not a pretty read.   For that reason and owning to the hotness of Ethan and Lila's relationship (and boy is it hot!) I would have to say that this book is for older readers.  Those of you that do read it will not be disappointed. Can't wait to get my hands on the next in the series.

Rating:4/5 Loved this book!  Oh, the feels! And can someone find me an Ethan please..I'll wait here...Thank you...


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