Saturday, 21 September 2013

All Quiet on the Blogger Front

Dear All,

Yes, we are starting this post like a letter. We just wanted to let you all know why things are quiet here at Midnight Reads. Although Bungle is back to reading she is working crazy hours and as you know she was rather sick at the start of the year and although she is recovering it seems to be taking its time! Just when there's a good day a bad day will strike :(
Sally is sooooooooooooooo crazy busy at work!! Honestly if we listed how manic her weeks really are we don't think you'd understand half of the crazy stuff the woman has to do! She travels all over the country & world for work and more often than not works 6 day weeks.
Gen works at the same place ad Sal and has a young family to contend with, which as far as we're concerned is enough said!

So that's why we're a little quiet this year readers. Posts are on the way but sometimes real life gets in the way of the things we love to do for pleasure. Thank you for sticking with us in out quiet period and for the support you give!


Lisa (Lost in Literature) said...

Sometimes you just need a little necessary break. I hope life settles down a bit for you guys! See you back soon! :)

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