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Review ~ The Goddess Inheritance ~ Aimee Carter

 Title: The Goddess Inheritance

Author: Aimee Carter

Published: February 26th 2013

By: Harlequin Teen

Source: netgalley

First line: Throughout his eternal officer Walter had witnessed countless summers, but never one as endless as this.

Last line: Always

Fave line: It seems the games are about to begin.

And yet another series comes to an end! Those of who that have read the first two books in this series will recall that at the end of Goddess Interrupted Kate was kidnapped having just found out that she was pregnant.  This is the point at which we begin The Goddess Inheritance. Nine months down the line Kate is still being held captive by Cronus and Calliope and everything is about to kick off. Cronus wants Kate to rule by his side and is prepared to blackmail her to make that happen whilst Calliope intends to keep baby for herself just to make Kate suffer.   As if that isn’t bad enough Henry ends up in some kind of coma as a result of coming to her rescue, Cronus declares war on the world and Kate has to somehow rescue her kidnapped child, bring her love back from the semi-dead and save the world! Phew!

There had come a point in Goddess Interrupted where Kate had really come into her own.  She had started believing in her own abilities and had begun taking up the role she was destined for with a pretty steely determination.  Unfortunately in this book she seemed to have regressed and had turned into a bit of a Mary-Sue.  Events just seemed to unfold around her, dragging her whinging body along with them.  This did improve by the end when she really seemed to find her strength again but by then it also seemed too late and I’d stopped rooting for her.

Carter has tried to fit in as much interaction with Henry here as is possible given his situation but it did feel that there was still something lacking.  Probably just my romantic old heart crying out for more.  When Henry was there the role he took on was quite heart-warming at times and any doubts I had about his feelings for Kate were gotten rid off.  It’s a shame we didn’t get more of him.   That said, there were a range of secondary characters that were strong and really held my interest, James, Calliope and Cronus to mention a few.  I think these characters more than anything really moved the plot forward and kept me reading.  One thing I did think was strange was that after the hype of the pregnancy and given the importance of it in the plot, there was very little about the birth. For me this would have been quite a climactic point but it seemed to be glossed over and deemed inconsequential.

There are a few curveballs thrown at you in this finale and there are quite a few plotlines that are left wide open giving you the impression that this is not an ending in the true sense but is instead a prelude to another series. That does hamper the way the series closes in some ways although it does provide hope for readers that love this series!  I hope if more books are written James might have more of a starring role as his character was certainly one of the strongest in the series.

3/5  Having read stories about so many strong female protagonists I kind of felt that Kate kind of lost her way a bit in this one. That said, it was nice to see this trilogy reach a conclusion that I approved of!  If you enjoyed the rest of the series, you will enjoy this one!


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